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ClariVein Treatment in Brisbane

How Does it Work?

Endovenous information packClariVein is a relatively new treatment that allows Dr Aziz to treat varicose veins with minimal discomfort and no anaesthesia for patients. During a treatment, Dr Aziz will insert a small rotating wire into the vein that works to dissolve it. The treatment does not require hospital admission, has minimal chance of nerve injury and will not interfere with time off from work as most patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately.

What to Expect

If Dr Aziz recommends treatment with the ClariVein system for you, your leg will first be prepared with an antiseptic. Next, he’ll use an ultrasound to locate the vein in question before inserting the ClariVein catheter tip. When inserted, the ClariVein system begins to rotate, destroying the vein safely. After removal, Dr Aziz will apply a compression bandage.

After your treatment, we recommend walking for 15 minutes straight away andsuggest that you arrange a ride home. For the best results, patients should wear compression stockings for one week following the treatment. Before leaving, we’ll schedule you for a follow up visit four weeks out to examine the success of the treatment.

Will I Experience Pain?

A patient may experience mild pain for a few days after their treatment, though some experience none at all. Discolouration or bruising may appear and resolve within 4-6 weeks. If you have any severe pain, we recommend calling our practice immediately.

ClariVein Information Sheet

ClariVein Brochure

Discover if ClariVein is Right For You

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