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Angiograms and Stent Insertion in Brisbane

Download Information PackAn angiogram is a minimally invasive procedure where a needle is inserted into an artery under local analgesia, followed by wires and sheathing. X-ray and contrast dye are then used to image the artery under question.

The dye is very useful in identifying any narrowing or blockage in the vessel. Subsequently, a balloon or stent might be inserted to keep the artery open and free of blockage.

Our Angioplasty Procedure

All medical procedures have pre-surgical instructions that must be followed. We will also advise you of all risks and safety issues that can be associated with angioplasty, including the use of contrast, sedation, post-surgical reactions and the possible complications related to punctured vessels.

    Here is what you may expect during the procedure itself:

  • The puncture site will be prepared with disinfectant and a local analgesic infiltrated into the skin.
  • An ultrasound scan may be used to guide the needle entry site, and a small plastic sheath will be introduced.
  • Contrast injection will follow; you may experience a warm, flushed feeling or metallic taste. It is necessary for you to remain motionless and hold your breath when asked to do so.
  • The balloon or stent will be inserted, which may cause a very short period of discomfort.
  • Following the procedure, pressure will be applied to the puncture site for approximately 10 minutes. If a closure device is used, the amount of pressure time is reduced. You will be asked to remain supine for 3-4 hours, followed by gentle mobilisation.

Want to Learn More?

Our highly trained physicians create positive outcomes for their patients. Dr. Maged Aziz (Surgeon) is an experienced double FRACS qualified specialist and has a well-deserved international reputation for excellence in vascular disorders. Contact our office today for a consultation.

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