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Sclerotherapy Treatment in Brisbane

Varicose Vein Treatment – No Hospital Stay Required


Endovenous information packWhile larger leg veins typically require surgical removal, small leg veins are often candidates for injection with sclerotherapy. During a treatment, Dr Aziz will use a very fine needle to inject a sclerosing solution that causes the walls to swell and stick together, allowing the body to naturally resorb them. Many veins can be treated at one time.

Sclerotherapy injections do not require a hospital visit and can be performed over multiple sessions for best results.

Sclerotherapy FAQ’s

Family hikingIs the varicose vein treatment effective?

Dr Aziz sees very excellent results with sclerotherapy—most patients notice an 80% improvement in the appearance of their leg veins. However, it is possible for additional varicose veins to develop after undergoing sclerotherapy injections, however, they can always be treated by additional injections.

What are the post-care requirements?

Compression stockings should be worn for the following couple of weeks after treatment. Immediately after injections, you should walk for 15 minutes.

Are there side effects of sclerotherapy?

Patients may notice raised red bumps at the injection site that should disappear within two months. Bruising is normal and will also clear up in the weeks following the injections. Other serious side effects including allergic reactions or severe pain should be reported straight away to our practice, though they are rare.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

Most patients find sclerotherapy injections to not be painful at all—think of it the same as getting a shot. Dr Aziz can apply a topical anesthetic to help lessen any pain at the injection site.

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