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Arterial Bypass Surgery in Brisbane

Lower Limb Bypass Surgery

Download Information PackIn the legs, blockage of the arteries can lead to symptoms such as:

  • Claudication – Claudication is a crampy pain when walking after a certain distance. This discomfort usually affects the calves, but can also create problems in the thighs and buttocks.
  • Rest pain – Constant pain in the feet day and night is known as rest pain, often requiring Morphine to ease the discomfort.
  • Ulcers – The ulceration occurs in the feet or the calves and is usually quite painful, with an extremely slow healing process.
  • Gangrene – Gangrene is a black discolouration of the toes or feet.

In our practice, treatment usually consists of optimised control of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and smoking. Exercise is vital, as well as antiplatelet therapy. Consistent angiogram, ultrasound or CT investigation is also of critical importance.

Our Arterial Bypass Approach

As always, each patient will be fully informed of all possible risks or complications related to this type of surgery. You will be admitted to the hospital on the day of the surgery, or a day before if clinically indicated. A general or spinal anaesthetic will be administered, along with antibiotics and Heparin to thin the blood.

A graft from your vein (or a synthetic one) will be prepared and tunneled underneath the skin or deep to the muscles. The arteries will be opened, and the graft will be attached to each end, above and below the blockage. A wound drain will remain for at least 24 hours. The skin will be closed with sutures underneath the dermal layers that do not need to be removed.

Want to Learn More?

Dr. Maged Aziz (Surgeon) is an experienced double FRACS qualified specialist and has a well-deserved international reputation for excellence in vascular disorders. He has years of expertise in femoral to tibial bypass grafts, axillofemoral bypass and femoral to femoral crossover grafts. Contact our centre today for a convenient consultation booking.

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