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Treadmill Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)
in Brisbane

Advanced Vascular offers the best in treadmill ankle-brachial index with ECG monitoring. We are proud to offer the Landice L7 medical treadmill, which is considered one of the finest diagnostic and exercise modalities in the world today.

Benefits of the Landice L7 Treadmill

  • Investigation through this unit helps to differentiate between vascular and non-vascular pathology. This advantage brings peace of mind to both patient and physician.
  • This medical treadmill device features the bonus of extraordinary cushioning and medical rails.
  • All versions of the Landice L7 allow wireless heart rate monitoring as well as hand grip pulse sensors.
  • The cushioning and power incline features of the unit provide low impact to joints and tendons, helping patients to avoid soreness and fatigue.

Safety and Comfort

We are always concerned with your comfort and safety. The Landice L7 features a lanyard that can stop the machine if you fall; there is also an emergency stop button located beneath the console. We invite you to contact our practice today for a convenient appointment.


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