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Endovenous Treatment with Radiofrequency Ablation

Endovenous information packEndovenous Laser Treatment is a minimally invasive way to remove unwanted varicose veins using a catheter attached to a generator. When inserted, the generator directs heat or light into the unwanted veins, redirecting blood flow to healthy veins. EVT is performed under general or local anaesthesia and has been approved by Medicare as well as most private health funds.

What to Expect

If Dr Aziz has recommended the treatment for you, here’s what to expect the day of treatment:

  • Do not shave your legs prior to treatment as this will be performed by a staff member.
  • Local or general anaesthesia will be administered as well as antiseptic prep
  • After, a wire followed by a catheter will be introduced.
  • Next, the generator will create heat energy to seal the vein from the inside, taking just a few moments to complete.
  • The probe will be removed.
  • For very large veins, Dr Aziz may remove them through a small incision.
  • After the procedure, a small bandage will be placed on the incision sight and we recommend wearing stockings for one week.

After the procedure, patients should walk immediately and may resume normal activities five days after the treatment. Bruising or firmness under the skin is common and will resolve with time. Dr Aziz will schedule you for a follow up visit in six weeks, which will involve an ultrasound scan to monitor your progress.

A Medicare-Covered Service

EVT has recently been allocated a Medicare item number. This means it is now an approved service. Private health insurance also covers EVT.

Are You A Candidate for Varicose VEIN Treatment?

Discover if you’re a candidate for endovenous vein therapy with Dr Aziz by booking your appointment with us today. He’ll carefully review your health history and make his suggestions based on an in-depth review of his findings. Get started today!


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